Welcome to Dear Thelma, Love Louise (The Blog)!

DEAR THELMA, LOVE LOUISE ~ is a creative lifestyle company focused on sharing snippets of an unconventional life, often in the company of like-minded people, dreamers, wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds, involving, mystical, musical, artistic, or literary pursuits, expressed through whimsical, vintage, kitsch, handmade, wildcrafted, and random acts of creativity, and is founded by Patti-Ann Sim.

About The Name…

The Name Dear Thelma, Love Louise is about the bonds of friendship between two women and many road trip adventures. It’s about personal transformation, spiritual awakening, and battling through the agonizing constraints of gender, class, place and time. It represents a friendship first formed while living in a homeless shelter and one that went on to become a soul sister bond through many decades.

How It Began…

I am a firm believer that when something is meant to be, things will start to fall in place and usually with ease, and so in 2013 an idea struck me while researching the word “Wanderlust.” The moment I spoke it out, things started to roll…… (literally). I found a vintage trailer in March of 2014 and immediately started to transform it and glamp it up! It became a real family project. And so, Dear Thelma, Love Louise was born! (Making it’s debut in June 2014) A Vintage trailer named Thelma. The shop itself has transformed and morphed into a whole new concept these days after recently retiring Thelma the trailer into a studio and place to daydream.

What I Sell…

I have a one of a kind artsy online Etsy Shop filled with handmade “unique” and mostly re-styled, up-cycled creations such as clothing, jewelry, home & garden decor, stationary, and uniquely sold handgrown or wildcrafted herb and plant products. I also sell paintings, prints and photographs by Heidi Wholeness. (my alter art ego). As well, you will find my shop is a vintage and Kitsch Lovers Dream with affordable clothing and accessories, collectibles and items that catch my eye on my many adventures. I offer a line of repurposed, vintage or beachcombed craft supplies and have several Spiritual Online Readings and Workshops that I offer.

IN PERSON: Not only can you shop for some awesome goods…you can find some free ones too on random treasure hunts located around the places I go. Coming in Spring of 2019, A roadside stand offering select treasures, and herbal products on the honor system.

My Roots…

Back in the 90’s I used to sell my art, creations, vintage, beads, and other artisans treasures from a little shop called BEE’S KNEES ETC. located in Northern Ontario in a little town called Burks Falls. Over the years I also sold my goods at a variety of Markets, Craft Shows, and Eco Events around Ontario, Canada.

My Passion…

I have wanderlust and like to explore cool little places and buildings and wander aimlessly through forests and on beaches almost always with a camera in my hands. I like to grow stuff and paint on things and I love words. I support sustainable living, Free Food, bartering, and swaps, saving the bees, urban homesteading and social enterprise. I am a self-professed foodie who likes to experiment with all types of recipes as long as I only have to make them once! Life is too short to eat the same meals over and over again.

Spiritually Speaking…

I guess you can say I am Eclectic in my Spirituality and it took me many decades to get here! Eclectic Spirituality is another way of saying, “One size does not fit all.” In my belief, each person has a spiritual path as individual as that person is. Eclectic Spirituality takes the foundation of a religion or set of beliefs and goes a level higher, building on that foundation, adding new things that work for that particular person’s path, new things that strengthen the bond between that person and the Creator. Therefore you will find that I create and sell many products, art pieces and offer many workshops and teachings based on my eclectic beliefs.


I am also living with the challenges of a brain stem tumor which turned my life upside down and inside out and which forces me to re-invent myself all of the time and which has made me stumble and fall sometimes but also get back up and embrace every moment of this life I have which is a gift and a privilege.
I share my tiny living space with my husband, two dogs, Ruby and Cora the Explora, a Budgie named Major Tom and A Cockatiel named Cheeky Birdie, two tanks full of fish, a small forest of deer, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, and birds and a whole lot of books, art supplies, and instruments none of which I can play very well.

My art and designs are a reflection of my life through my rose-colored glasses!















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