Thelma (The Trailer)

Thelma Has A New Look

Meet the new and improved Thelma (The Trailer). From 2014 to 2016, Thelma had a slightly different look inside and out and she functioned as mobile shop for Dear Thelma, Love Louise. She was put in storage during the fall of 2016 and roughed the fall, winter and spring weather until we pulled her out of storage for the summer and brought her to the cottage for a facelift.
I gave Thelma a new paint job inside changing her white walls to blue and removing her shelves and pegboards. Her insides were decorated to look more like a glamper with pink accents including pink flamingo lights. I made her a bunting and pillow and dream catcher for her walls and hung a framed photo of both my former creative partners the late Dana Lisa Rondeau and Charlie Chuckles Fenech. Dana was the inspiration behind Dear Thelma, Love Louise and Charlie was the builder of Thelma the Mobile Shop and a contributor of creative handmade items.
The outside of Thelma got a new paint job as well. Her murals I updated with a new look for the pinup girls, giving them a more classic and traditional Thelma and Louise look. The Wanderlust remains but the rest of the trailer received a more whimsical design with the exception of the heart tattoo on the back. Two tributes were added to honor Dana and Charlie’s memory.
She currently is used as an inspirational painting and writing studio.
Have a look…..

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